"There are two sides to the restaurant. A dining side and a bar side. The service is great and the food is really good. The Jerk Chicken was absolutley amazing. The menu was creative and had some amazing twists." —Tiffany B.



"I love the fresh food. I was surprised how delicious food was; being served so late. Now I go any time and get the same great meal an service. Great spot."—Starabele



"I didn't realize I loved fried green beans until I ate them here." —Dan M.



"I've always eaten at the bar here - good veggie selections, reasonably priced, and friendly bartenders. Also, love the pictures of all the dogs on the wall. Good for casual meal that is not expensive."—Winnie



"Vickery's is one of my trusted, stable favorites.  The restaurant is clean and convenient and when it's nice outside, I enjoy sitting outside with my meal and surfing the Internet.

My favorites are the sweet tea, fish tacos (three fish tacos that fill me up), plantains, black bean burger and sweet potato fries.  For some reason, the sweet potato fries are really, really filling.  I can never finish them (but I try).

This is also a good place to meet someone to talk business.  It's not very loud and the atmosphere is just suited for that for some reason." —Tanya B.



"Loved this restaurant since discovering it's other location in Charleston SC.  Always good."—Davi C.



"We went there for a Sunday afternoon bite to eat....we had a great time!  I had the ranch burger (it is huge) and my friend had the fried egg sandwich( which I thought YIKES!, but he loved  it). I had a side salad with pecans, blue cheese, and crunchy sweet stuff.  Yum!   The bartender was friendly and fun.  Drinkies were strong!  Everyone sitting at the bar seemed to be in a great mood. What more could you ask for? Hell yeah!  I'll be back."—Bunny B.


23 of us had lunch here today and EVERYTHING was wonderful!- Julie G.



"I had brunch here with several family members and the food was really good. We even ate outside and loved the neighborhood. Three of us had the chicken/egg/salsa brunch tacos with black beans and were not disappointed. The standard brunch items were also well received. Service, atmosphere, and neighborhood was great!"—Sharon B.